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New York Times Catches Up With Billy!

READING Iíve been reading ďSwamp Water and Wiregrass: Historical Sketches of Coastal Georgia,Ē by George A. Rogers and R. Frank Saunders. I want to get to know more about where Iím from. I was born in Savannah but raised on Tybee Island. But I moved away to Nashville when I was 18. Reading this book Iíve learned Blackbeard may have buried treasure on Tybee Island. And two or three islands down from Tybee, there are wild horses that came with the Spaniards in the 1600s. I also read a few pages of ďFifty Shades of Grey,Ē by E. L. James. I know it was written by a woman but from what I could tell, itís like a dirty man wrote that.

LISTENING To be honest the music I listen to the most, whether itís in my truck or in the house, is songwriter demos. Demos are when a songwriter makes a recording of a song just to pitch it to an artist. I get hundreds a year. Iíll put them on an iPod or my computer and listen to them over and over and file away the ones I like the most, and those are usually the songs I end up putting on an album a year or two or 10 later. Some of my favorite songs are from one gal named Karyn Rochelle. Sheís a magnificent writer in Nashville. Iíve wanted to record every one of her songs but for various rhymes and reasons I havenít been able to yet.

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